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The best speaker we can make and explanation. ALLEC 2A-be

€26,000.00 (inclusief BTW)
180.00 KGS
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Voor de nederlanders: we schrijven in het engels, want we hebben veel volgers.

Voor het best mogelijke heb ik al reeds 6 maanden research gedaan.

Zo nu dus alles in engels;

We choose for a simple system, a 2way-system. Now finding out what's the best solution for mid and high.
To come to this i want only one driver, the best is from 500Hz to 20.000Hz.Because we don't want to make a three-way like most. We don't want crossovers in the terrible sections like 1800-4000Hz. We can choose for TAD 4001 or JBL 2445. After long reading from different forums I chose this one: Read:

I believe this guy, The TAD 4001 seems to be the best, but it's so expensive. So my choice like this guy: The JBL 2445, this driver is like a tank, you can buy it on e-bay around $500,- Then you put a berylium diafragm in it and you have one of the best drivers for mid/high  Look also at:
This horn is also very good, but its impossible to place in small room in holland.
So i did my research at forums and it seems that the Yuichi a-290 horn is one of the best horns there is and only 62,5cm x 23 cm high.



Here you can see the making:
Well  this settled down for mid High. Now the low frequenties. First we don't want: a woofer that's slow, like car-woofers with x-max over 10 mm. We want clear and fast low-frequenties, but not to low like lower then 32 Hz, because
the problems off small living rooms, well 37 Hz tuning is very good. And if we want dynamics we also need a woofer with high SPL. This search was very difficult ,but i maked a decision.After reading the incredible Daniel Herz M1, i though
THIS GUY IS NOT CRAZY, if you put a 18" Beyma woofer  in a hifi-system , this woofer must be incredible. he uses a tweeter thats not so good(I think) as the JBL 2445 with Yuichi a-290 and berylium. Also I an skip the 12 inch mid-range
,so the system keeps simple.I think the 18 inch can be used to 500Hz. Well the crossover must be active, because of time-difference. We use the hypex high-end crossover,pre-amp. For amplifiers we can use N-core or we can use a 7 watt
tube for the JBL, The system has 100DB 1watt !!!  I'm very curious what that tube will do, we will try it. For the bass section i will put pyramids inside, because i liked it in our monitor, it was great. The 2-way sytems i saw on internet i did't like
so i want my speaker better looking, the front must be rounded with the horn.Sizes will be 112 x 67 x 43. It's a big 200 liter bass-section, but we need it for 37 Hz tuning.X-max is only 7,2mm, so that's great to reduce doppler effect.

Now it's 01-02-2016 and i'm going started. Will put the entire building with foto's and it's all free, no secrets. I will put the whole building on this site, so everyone who's capable, can make it also.
Tomorrow i will begin with the making of the Horn, i think that will take some months, but keep visit my site, because it's a high end project, you don't pay 100.000 dollars like the daniel herz, with some skills i think 8000 dollars and 400
hours of working.



The beginning of making the Yuichi A-290 horn


First make the shape of the sides, make a sample and copy it to 5 plates(9cm thick plywood)
Then Make the shape for the horn. This piece was very difficult to make. First make the radius of the horn, then increase the radius with 1,5 cm above plywood.
Then again increase the radius with 2cm for the mill-conductor. Then again increase the radius with 4cm, this is to keep your mill 90 degrees to the horn
I will show you how to make this next foto

Here is the foto:


Here to get your mill 90 degrees:



The beginning of the shape:


First part ready:


Here the side panels,a bit more difficult, but i wanted the lines also on the sides



here the vins, made it from wood and not from multiplex, because multiplex can't make sharp ends:




Almost ready:

look at the nice sides, i love this horn




System will be active with the best amplifier there is, 4 times 400 watt with high-end cross-over, including pre-amplifier. all you need is a source.






De Yuichi a-290 ready. Wohhh, beautiful. The very best on audio. nice JBL 2446J with beryllium driver.It's now 01-09-2016. 

Really began June, 3 months work for these horns in the evening and weekends. Next pair will go 3 times faster.


Next plan is the bass-compartment with 18 inch closed enclosure, beginning next week.

105cm x 66cm x 46cm


Testdrive with 2214ef woofer,just fast setting my crossover 500Hz, 36Db.maybe 400Hz is possible 48Db. In any way is this already the best sound ever heard.



And what's the price of this horn:

And this one is without vins, you need vins for short listing. €4195,- a piece.

First impression of the original bass-compartment:








23-10-2016, first speaker almost ready:




Woensdag 07-12-2016, speaker is almost ready. only the super-tweeter on top is missing.





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