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Customdesign RS 304 per set

€599.00 (inclusief BTW)
3.00 KGS
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Speaker Stand Support Range RS 304 Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 1998

The RS 304 Speaker Stand Range are manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design. The quadri design includes 4mm Inert Acoustic Steel Top Plates, 5mm Inert Acoustic Steel Base Plates, 2 boxes of Inert Filler with zinc plated M8 fixing bolts for total integrity and joint rigidity. Hand polished, Inert steel plates connect to an ERW BS EN 10305-3 Steel 76mm tubes reflecting the attention to detail and standards of quality that Custom Design provide to all of their customers. The Inert Acoustic base plate can be exchanged for the EN 12105-2 8mm Clear Glass base plate on request. We also manufacturer our world renowed Inert Acoustic Steel and Aluminium products.

 The RS 304 Speaker Support Stand Range combine integral strength with rigidity to creat a solid foundation for speakers. With an initial mass of 24kg. Mass loading the support columns with Inert Filler adds a further 26kg to the final mass, we recommend at least 2 bags of Inert Filler per column, enhancing the bass performance of your Speaker Stands.

The RS 304 Speaker Stands are a modern and practical design with aesthetic appeal. When combinded with inert Acoustic Steel Top and Base plates the reduction in resonance vibration noise is significant, resulting in an improved preformance and sound quality. Please visit our Acoustic Steel page to view the graph demonstrating which frequencies of resonance vibration noise are absorbed by each process and the combination of Acoustic Steel top and base plates with our specailly selected Inert Filler.

The polymers viscoelastic properties convert kinetic energy to negligible heat. By converting resonance noise vibration energy, the true performance of your speakers can be heard. The Inert Acoustic Steel 5mm high mass base plates are available in Mercury or Black finish.

RS 304 Speaker Stands are supplied with Inert Acoustic Steel Top and Base Plates and 2 boxes of Inert Filler as standard.
Top Supports are 190 x 210 x 4mm - custom sizes available
Acoustic Base plate dimensions 220 x 260mm x 5mm
Base plate available in Mercury or Black finish or 8mm Clear Glass toughened and polished to EN 12150-2
M8 Zinc plated base isolation spikes supplied standard.

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