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Radian 475 PB Beryllium

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Specifications HF Compression Driver
Nominal Exit Diameter 1”/25.4 mm
Rated Impedance 8/16 Ω
Power Handling 50 W
Continuous Program Power 100 W
Sensitivity 109.5 dB
Rated frequency range 1.0 kHz – 25 kHz
Recommended min. XO frequency 1.2 kHz
Re 6.2/11.5 Ω
Minimum impedance 7.6/ 14.0 Ω
Diaphragm material structural aluminum alloy
Voice coil diameter 44.5 mm (1.75”)
Voice coil winding edge-wound ribbon
Voice Coil Wire copper-clad aluminum
Voice Coil Former high temperature polyimide
Magnet ferrite ring
Exit Angle 11.4°
Mounting Parameter Compression Driver
Mounting 2 x ¼”-20 holes on Ø3.0”(76.2mm)@180 ° 3x1/4”-20 holes on Ø2.25 (57 mm)@120°
Overall Diameter 133.4 mm (5.25 in)
Overall Depth 66.0 mm (2.6 in)
Net Weight 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs.)
Optional Accessories
Replacement Diaphragm 1450PB – binding posts
Specifications notes
Specifications Notes 1. As per AES2-1984 Rev.2003. Tested with 24dB/oct@1.5kHz slope XO.
2. Continuous program power is defined at 3dB higher than AES power and reflects power handling capacity for typical music and cinema content reproduction.
3. Driver mounted on horn with 90°x40° nominal coverage and following dimensions: 254 mm (10”) mouth width, 125mm (5”) mouth height, 152mm (6”) horn depth. Measured at 1W/1m in simulated free field conditions as per AES 2-2012 and IEC 60268-5 (Ed.3.1 2007-09). Sensitivity is calculated based on SPL frequency response at 1W/1m, averaged in 1.2 kHz – 5 kHz band.
4. Specified in accordance with IEC 60268-5 (Ed. 3.1 2007-09). Defines minimum recommended operating frequency band for typical application with 24 dB/Oct. high pass filter. If lower filter slope rate is used, a higher XO point is recommended. Higher XO frequency is recommended, if higher max SPL is required.
5. Total flare angle of conical exit. The angle should be considered for proper coupling with a waveguide/horn. The waveguide/horn throat expansion angle and shape should provide smooth continuity of mated surfaces for best results. The driver exit angle and its integration with a horn will also affect dispersion at very high frequencies.



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